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Achieved vExpert 2015 and what’s been happening lately

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I have posted anything new on my blog. For those interested, the reasons are several. In short, looking for a new flat in the middle of January, getting money for the new flat in scope of a few days, moving to the new flat shortly, recovering from all the stress this process has caused me. It might not seem such a big deal for many but it was quite taxing – I can only thank my girlfriend, friends and supportive colleagues at work while everything was underway.

On the other hand, everything bad is good for you in some way and situations like getting a move-out notice from the rented flat because the landlord wants to move back in when you’re drained of your finances after the holidays makes you think in a different way. I moved to a bigger flat close to the town center, and I am very happy now.

Now to continue the good news, I have become a vExpert for the year 2015. This has made me super-excited and I want to thank you all who have engaged with me via VMware Communities forums, or just reading up on this blog and gaining some knowledge & insight on how to troubleshoot some common and not-so-common occurrences. I am now not-so-patiently waiting for a welcome e-mail and I am very curious as to what this community-given title will bring in terms of interaction with other vExperts as well as some complimentary software. I have also gained over 1000 views in February and I am grateful for every single one of them. Along that, seeing how the recent views visual counter grows over the days is a great feeling as well.

Since I have recovered and finally have some time to dedicate to my blog again, expect some new PowerCLI lessons, a few book reviews and troubleshooting stories.

Thank you again, see you soon!