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VMware vCloud Air Private Cloud OnDemand: Internet Connectivity Test

I have tested the Internet Connectivity that is provided with VMware vCloud Air OnDemand Service. And the results are pretty impressive! I went through assigning a public IP address, interconnecting it with the internal gateway, did some NAT and firewall configuration, and eventually tested the connection speeds with speedtest.net. See for yourself in the screenshots accompanied by few words below. Continue reading

VMware vCloud Air: Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Impressions


I have noticed that there is a hybrid Cloud offering called VMware vCloud Air – Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand. This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows you to have your own environment in VMware’s Data Centers. Everything is metered on pay-as-you-go basis – you pay for each resource used – vCPUs, RAM, Hard Drive Storage (you can choose between SSD-accelerated and “platter-based” only), plus licensing fees for Windows OS family. It has a simple, friendly user interface, but your VM Infrastructure Administrators will want to use the integrated vCloud Director Interface that is also included.

The current promo action runs with 300€ credit for you to spend on the first 90-day trial for everyone – if you are interested go and check it out. Since I like trying out new things, I’d like to share my first moments with this brand new service. Continue reading