About Me

Hello there. My name is Aleš, but you can call me Ali.

Since childhood I was very interested in computers and technology – my first PC was a 286 running on 4,77 MHz with stunning 256kB of RAM and 40MB Hard Drive. I have pursued an education in IT since finishing elementary school, unfortunately I didn’t have any luck. Starting with High School – failed twice at maths on the entrance exams, so I had to take whatever was available at that time. It wasn’t much fun. After finishing the high school, I wanted to get the IT education at least on college, but I didn’t score enough points to be accepted. But I did get accepted somewhere else based on my score – a trade that I had 0 experience in. After 5 years of bachelor’s degree and a few months of Master’s degree when I got dropped out because managing college and part-time job was a suicide, I finally decided I’ll find a job that is closest to my heart – involving progressive technologies.

And in that, finally, I have been successful. Currently I am a Storage & Virtualization Specialist, focused more on troubleshooting VMware related issues. I have recently passed the VCP-510 Certification Exam and I’d like to spread the knowledge, tips & tricks I have obtained while troubleshooting and investigating issues in our vSphere 5 environment. You can find me on VMware Communities, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

I wish you a warm welcome and I hope you’ll gain some insight while browsing through my blog.

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