Create a Virtual Floppy with OSFmount utility

In the life of an IT administrator, you sometimes (or quite frequently) need to use the means of .iso files or .img virtual floppies to do your part of the job. There are many tools available on the web, but one that I really like is OSFmount, and I will show you why.

OSFmount is a handly little utility that lets you mount (even as a ramdisk) and modify the contents of virtual floppy images. Unfortunately .iso can be mounted only as a read-only media. I’ll show you how to make an empty floppy from scratch – you can follow the same steps to make an .iso

When you launch the application for the first time, an initial window shows up. Click on Mount New…


You will see the following form pop up. Fill in the values as you require – keep the offset at 0 as we are creating a brand new image, and choose the drive size you’d like. Since we are creating a floppy, choose the mountpoint so – but you can mount it as hard drive or CD/DVD. Assume that the Image File location is blank at the moment and click the three dots to define the image’s location.


Enter the name of your desired image file – doesn’t matter if the object already exists or not, just hit Open and Windows will ask you if you want to create the file.


Now, the newly created image isn’t formatted, so right-click the newly mounted .img and do that.


And there you go! You just created a 10MB virtual floppy .img file for yourself, which you can use on remote management consoles where you need an attachable media you can R/W to. Don’t forget to unmount before you start using it. Pretty simple, right?


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